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School Board member Alanna Mensing to run for Manassas Park City Council

Alanna Mensing plans to focus her campaign for City Council on education, economic development and community services. "I want to keep our schools fully supported, create new storefronts on city-owned land, and ensure that our community center remains affordable and accessible for all of our residents here in Manassas Park," Mensing was quoted as saying in a news release.

Governor Northam recalls Va. National Guard troops from U.S. southwest border

Northam issued this statement: “Virginia benefits from the important work of securing our border and we have a responsibility to contribute to that mission. However, we also have a responsibility to stand up to policies or actions that run afoul of the values that define us as Americans. Today I spoke with the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard and ordered him to withdraw four soldiers and one helicopter from Arizona until the federal government ends its enforcement of a zero-tolerance policy that separates children from their parents.

Del. Danica Roem to be a headline speaker at Democratic National Committee gala in NYC

The Democratic National Committee reports that Virginia Delegate Danica Roem (D-13-Prince William) will be a featured speaker and special guest at the upcoming 19th annual DNC LGBTQ Gala. Roem will become the first openly transgender elected official to speak at a major party gala in U.S. history.

Alyson Satterwhite, Gainesville School Board member, to run for School Board chairman in November

Alyson A. Satterwhite, Gainesville District School Board Member for the past six years, announced March 27, "Today it is a great honor to announce that I will be running for Chairman of the Prince William County School Board in the upcoming special election this November." 

Corey Stewart turns in nearly 15,000 signatures in his bid for US Senate GOP nomination

Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart announced today, March 12, his campaign has submitted nearly 150 percent of the required ballot petition signatures today to Virginia State Board of Elections (VBE). "This is an important step in taking Virginia back from the swamp creatures in both parties," he was quoted as saying in a news release.

How the vacant PWC School Board chairman’s seat will be filled for now…and in the future

Under Prince William County Schools' policies and the Virginia Code, Lillie Jessie, Vice Chairman and Occoquan District Representative, will perform the duties of the Chair, until the School Board appoints an Interim Chairman. Interested candidates must submit their resumés to the Clerk of the School Board by March 17.

Important piece of PW County history from 1902 could be restored with your vote

Prince William County's Department of Historic Preservation reports that it submitted the "1902 Brentsville Colored and White Poll Books" to the Virginia Association of Museums Top 10 Most Endangered Artifacts list, "to bring awareness to these unique and important pieces of history." The poll books were selected as part of the Top 10. There will be public voting for up to $5,000 in funds that would go to preserve the 116-year-old books. Voting is Jan. 15-24 at

Delegate Tim Hugo and other GOP delegates welcome Gov. Ralph Northam

Virginia House of Delegates leaders congratulated Ralph Northam Saturday, Jan. 13, on his inauguration as the 73rd Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Six Virginia Indian tribes will finally be granted federal recognition

Legislation recognizing six Virginia tribes: the Chickahominy, the Eastern Chickahominy, the Upper Mattaponi, the Rappahannock, the Monacan, and the Nansemond-has passed Congress and is on its way to the President for his signature. Many of these include descendants of Pocahontas’ Virginia Powhatan tribe Kaine and Warner worked with Democratic and Republican colleagues to ensure that the bill made it through to final passage. These tribes had received official recognition from the Commonwealth of Virginia, but had not received federal recognition, which will grant the tribes legal standing and status in direct relationships with the U.S. government.

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