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Va. Senate Democrats take credit for defeating four bills to restrict voting

Virginia Senate Democrats report they defeated legislation Jan. 16 in the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections committee, the that attempted to block attempts at expanding access to the ballot. The Senate Democrats have released the following statement.

“Today in the Senate Privileges in Elections Committee, Democrats stood together to maintain the freedoms and ease of voting in Virginia and keep the Virginia Voting Rights Act in place. We vehemently oppose and will relentlessly combat all legislative attempts to undermine or restrict voting access in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Senate Democrats of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee were united in our resolute stand to protect the sanctity and fairness of the voting process. Voting is not merely a right; it is the bedrock of our democracy, and we are dedicated to our commitment to safeguard the right to vote against all threats.”

According to a news release, Virginia Senate Democrats defeated the following bills that would have added restrictions to Voting.

SB 32-  A bill that would have required the use of social security numbers to verify voters identification.

SB 42- A bill that would have restricted early voting access.

SB 81- A bill that would have required photo identification to register to vote.

SB 92- A bill that would reverse same-day voter registration.

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