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About Us is the new interactive website for Observer newspapers in Manassas and Prince William County, Va.

The website enhances and supplements our print publications,
the Bull Run Observer, the Old Bridge Observer and the Manassas
Observer. Each newspaper is published twice a month and mailed
to thousands of homes and businesses throughout these communities.

News that matters most is close to home. These hometown, community
newspapers provide positive coverage of local events, businesses,
churches, schools and so much more. Our award-winning staff members
cover community news the old-fashioned way, with careful attention
to accuracy and detail.

The Old Bridge Observer has been published since 1988.
The Bull Run Observer has been published since 1999.
The Manassas Observer is soon to begin its sixth year.

To share a story idea or to send a news release,
please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 703-369-5253.

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