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Unverified organization soliciting donations in Manassas, police report

On February 1, 2020, Manassas Police Department was notified that individuals are going door to door asking for donations on behalf of “Virginia Youth Club of America.”

The individuals are also presenting a flyer, mentioning the Manassas Police Department and outlining the names of several staff members. The Manassas Police Department wants the community to know that the reference to our agency and staff members should not be considered an endorsement from the Manassas Police Department, a news release said.

City Police Officers are investigating the incident to determine the legitimacy of the organization which has not been verified, a news release stated.

Anyone who comes into contact with these individuals is asked to contact the Manassas Police Department. Officers will respond and investigate the incident. The Manassas Police Department would like to remind the community to first verify the legitimacy of charitable organizations before donating.

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