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Jan. 14 People’s Caravan for the Environment in Richmond

In 2017 the People's Caravan held many Die-In/Live-Ins for Medicaid Expansion. We're at it again, but this time it is a People's Caravan for the Environment. The Die-In will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14th at 2:00pm at the Bell Tower in Richmond. The Die-In part of this rally is a plea for people to pay attention to the Climate Change.

Cicadas emerging after 17 years, will be gone in 4-6 weeks

Virginia may be inundated with the sound of cicadas for 4-6 weeks through the end of May or early June. Though they can be extremely noisy, cicadas are not poisonous and do not bite or sting.

Apply now for Merrimac Farm master naturalist program starting May 23

Learn how to monitor bluebirds, investigate vernal pools, facilitate camera trapping for the Smithsonian, monitor stream health, and more through the Master Naturalist training at Merrimac Farm that starts May 23.

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