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Renovated Manassas City Hall to open Monday, June 24

City of Manassas reports that departments and service offices have begun moving back into Manassas City Hall at 9027 Center St. this week. The building was closed for renovations, improvements and upgrades about two years ago.

City Hall will officially open at 8:30 AM on June 24.

During the move-in transition period, the Customer Service Center at 9800 Godwin Drive will stay open for permits, business licenses and tax payments until June 28.

The Social Services department will remain open at 9324 West St.

According to a news release, the $15.9 million City Hall renovation included a new roof, generator, windows, elevator, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, data system, and exterior façade upgrades for the 1987 building.

Also described were renovations that converted hallways into usable areas, reorganized department office space, upgraded customer service counters, created more space for community meetings and carved out more public art display space. An open house will be scheduled for later this year.

The upgrades make the 31,000 square foot building more energy efficient and ensure it will serve residents for the foreseeable future. The City Hall Renovation Capital Improvement Project was introduced in 2014.

Douglas W. Keen, Interim City Manager, said new layout will be easier for residents and customers to navigate and conduct business.”. Keen also noted, “It also adds a much-needed community conference room, something our community has asked for. I am looking forward to getting staff back in one location so we can be more efficient in our operations.”

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