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GOP asks Northam not to leave Northern Va. behind

GOP to Northam: Don’t Leave Northern Virginia Behind
Five NOVA GOP Chairs Issue Joint Statement

Five NOVA GOP leaders issued a joint statement Wednesday evening, calling on Governor Ralph Northam to include the region in Virginia’s “Phase One” reopening.

Sean Lenehan, Andrew Loposser, Steve Knotts, Sharon Sadler and Bill Card – the Chairs of the Republican Committees of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William – maintain that Northern Virginia is ready.

“While every death is rightly grieved, the fact remains that COVID-19 fatalities in our region are very low,” the NOVA GOP leaders said. “While protecting our sick and elderly loved ones, lawmakers must also keep risk in perspective, and avoid doing more harm than good.”

The GOP chairs cited the “very high cost, in human and dollar terms” of the current economic shutdown: “Indefinite ‘stay at home’ orders are not consistent with our nation’s character, and they are not financially sustainable.”

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