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Glenkirk missing hard drive found

Glenkirk Elementary School found the missing external hard drive that contained some personal student information, including class assignments, students’ names and addresses and some grades and screening information.
The Prince William County Schools (PWCS) Office of Risk Management and Security Services is investigating whether the drive was stolen; the investigation is ongoing, according to a PWCS statement.
Parents and guardians “of each student are being notified via an automated phone message and a letter from the principal,” the statement said.
Parents with questions about the specific information about their children on the hard drive can call 703-753-1702 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Aug. 1 and 2.
The School Division’s primary concern is the safety and security of students. PWCS policies, regulations, and practices protect the confidentiality of certain personal student information. For those reasons, PWCS has had a comprehensive Acceptable Internet Usage and Safety Policy in place for many years and provides related training to all employees who are responsible for the security of confidential student data. Even with these policies and regulations, it is difficult to prevent the loss of confidential data resulting from potential criminal activity, such as theft.
The Aug. 1 statement from PWCS said, “The school has accounted for the whereabouts of the hard drive for the duration of the time it was missing.” The statement did not say where the drive had been.

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