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Woodbridge High School hosts leadership conference for students

Leaders are doers. They constantly grow and evolve, taking the challenges in their lives to learn and adapt. They “Trust the Process,” each step taken that gets an individual from point A to point B and everything learned on the journey.  At the second annual winter leadership summit, hosted by the Student Activities Leadership Council (SALC) students at Woodbridge High School, attendees were encouraged to “Trust the Process” of leadership throughout the day during all events.

Hamish Brewer, principal of Fred Lynn Middle School delivered the keynote speech, firing up attendees with his relentless style. Brewer encouraged the attendees, by stating that “Dreams are nothing without a plan,” and that the process, and trusting the process IS the plan that will make those dreams a reality.

Whether it was during a breakout session, a leadership speed dating session or the Q&A at the end of the day, the attendees were immersed in topics that ranged from “Sociology in Leadership” to “Media 101” to “Multiculturalism and Leadership.” Each session engaged the attendees, helping them learn about leadership, group dynamics and determining and defining a good leader, and then how to apply these skills to be better leaders. They were encouraged to see the potential that hasn’t been realized, to foster the environment needed to connect with others to bring that potential to fruition.

Miles Desamour, the Woodbridge High School SALC executive chair for the public relations committee, summed up the theme best by saying, “Trusting in the little things is what creates the big thing. At the end of the day, trust is all about belief. That you can do it. That you will do it. And that you will be better because you do it.”

The summit was attended by students from Battlefield High School, Christ Chapel Academy, Colgan High School, Gar-Field High School, McLean High School, Patriot High School, Potomac High School, and Woodbridge High School.

The Q&A panel was compromised of: Heather Abney, principal of Woodbridge High School; Coach Gary Wortham, Woodbridge varsity football coach; Eric Kellum, lead pastor at Zion Church Woodbridge; Diana Gulotta, director of communications services for PWCS; and Lillie Jessie, vice-chairman of PWCS School Board (Occoquan).

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