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Town of Occoquan preparing for possibility of flooding

The National Weather Service has issued coastal flood warnings from 6:00 p.m. this evening through 8 a.m. Saturday with the possibility of 2 to 4 feet of inundation above ground during high tide in low-lying areas along the tidal Potomac River and its tributaries. Storms thus have the potential to affect the Occoquan waterfront. Additionally, heavy rain on Friday may lead to road closures associated with flash flooding from streams that enter Town. This is most likely to be the case with Ballywhack Creek where it crosses Union Street/Tanyard Hill Road and Boundary Branch where it crosses Poplar Lane.

Town staff are coordinating with Prince William County and Virginia emergency and first responder personnel and will be participating in a meeting later today with Prince William County’s Office of Emergency Management. Staff are also clearing storm drains wherever possible and scheduling Town first responder resources. Everyone can help by checking, and if possible clearing, storm drains in their area, as well as by removing unsecured items from areas with the greatest potential for flooding. Boat owners on the Town waterfront are encouraged to secure your vessels as well as you are able.

Over the past 20 years Hurricanes Isabel and Irene, as well as Tropical Storm Lee have made their presence felt in Town via both tidal flooding and the flash flooding of creeks—an inherent risk of living in the otherwise beautiful venue of a waterfront valley. Hopefully, working together we can minimize the impact of what is approaching.

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