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Quarterly update on transportation projects in Prince William County

The Prince William County Department of Transportation (PWC-DOT) recently gave the Board of County Supervisors a quarterly update on the status of 18 transportation projects:

• Balls Ford Road Interchange: Design and construction of a diverging diamond interchange is ongoing and scheduled for completion in late 2022.

• Balls Ford Road Widening: Preliminary utility duct bank work on the state-funded $73.5-million project to widen Balls Ford Road between Doane Drive and Route 234 Business is scheduled for completion in late June 2021 with road widening construction set to start the following month. The project is scheduled for completion in December 2022.

• Brentsville Road Interchange at Prince William Parkway: A public hearing for this project is anticipated for late 2021 when the design phase is approximately 60% complete. The regionally funded project is scheduled to end in May 2024.

• Devlin Road Widening: Design on the $29-million project to extend and widen Balls Ford Road through Devlin Road is ongoing with construction set to start in the summer of 2023 and end in the spring of 2025. A virtual presentation on the project is currently available at

• Fuller Heights Road:  Intersection improvements at Fuller Heights Road at the entrance to Quantico Marine Corps Base are scheduled to start in October 2021 and end in October 2022. State, local and federal capital will fund the $8.2-million project.

• Neabsco Mills Road: Right-of-way acquisitions are complete and utility relocations are underway on the $35-million project to widen Neabsco Mills Road between U.S. 1 and Dale Boulevard. Construction is set to start in May 2022 and end in November 2023.

• Old Bridge Road at Occoquan Road Intersection: The $11.5-million project to realign Old Bridge Road at its intersection with Occoquan Road is scheduled to start in the spring of 2024 with completion set for the spring of 2026.

• Potomac/Neabsco Mills Commuter Garage: Work on the $53-million, 1,414-space parking garage in the vicinity of the Neabsco Mills Widening Project is scheduled for completion by the fall of 2023.

• Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard Intersection Improvements : Utility relocation right-of-way and acquisition are ongoing. Construction to make improvements at the intersection started in the spring of 2021 and is set for completion in the spring of 2023. The cost of the project is $24.2 million.

• Rt. 1-Featherstone to Marys Way: Work on the $100-million project to widen Route 1 to a six-lane divided roadway started in 2018 and is scheduled to conclude in the summer of 2022. State, regional and local money is funding the project.

• Rt. 28 at Fauquier Drive: This Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) project consists of extending the southbound right-turn lane on Route 28 and reconfiguring the intersection. Construction is scheduled to start late this summer. VDOT is awaiting state authorization to begin the project.

• Rt. 28, Phase III: Construction on the $40-million project to widen Route 28 to six lanes between Linton Hall Road and Pennsylvania Avenue started in 2019 and is set for completion in June 2022.

• Summit School Road and Telegraph Road: Rights-of-way appraisals for the $11-million project to build an access road between Summit School Road and Telegraph Road are ongoing. The design phase on the regionally-funded project is expected to end in June 2021 with construction set to start in June 2022 and end in October 2023.

• Transform 66-Outside the Beltway: This VDOT project will build two new express lanes in each direction on Interstate 66 from Interstate 495 to University Boulevard. The project also includes multimodal improvements to address current and future congestion.

• Transform 66 - Outside the Beltway - Balls Ford Road Parking Lot: Grading, drainage and pavement work are underway on the 1,300-space commuter parking lot at Balls Ford Road. VDOT construction will end in December 2022.

• Transform 66 - Outside the Beltway – University Boulevard – Route 29 Park-and-Ride Lot: VDOT construction to expand the 960-space lot to 2,000 spaces is expected to end in late 2022.

• University Boulevard Extension: Right-of-way negotiations are ongoing on the $12.7-million project to build a two-lane road from Edmonston Drive to Sudley Manor Drive. Construction is set to start in October 2021 and is scheduled for completion in November 2022.

• Virginia Railway Express - Broad Run Station and Yard Improvements: Preliminary engineering for the project and an Environmental Protection Agency review are complete. Final design on the project to expand the station and train storage are set for this year with construction scheduled for completion by 2025.









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