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PWC Schools upgrading broadband service from two gigabytes to 10 gigabytes

A new broadband upgrade is under way in Prince William County Schools. It will ultimately result in faster and easier access to the internet. When complete, the PWCS digital information pipeline will be five times larger, from 2 gigabytes to 10 gigabytes, expanding teaching, learning, and family engagement resources. 

For schools, the new broadband upgrade will mean:  faster connections, higher quality media streaming, greater Bring Your Own Device opportunities, more simultaneous connections and fewer disruptions

Parents will also experience faster times in accessing and using the the current Parent Portal. 

Schools with newer local area network equipment will see dramatic improvements because of the broadband upgrade. The remaining schools will experience the upgrade once older equipment is replaced.

The upgrade is to be completed early in 2019, with the migration from the current system beginning in November 2017. By early December, bandwidth had already doubled to 4GB.

Occasional division-wide internet outages will be a necessary inconvenience to complete the upgrade that will provide faster and easier access to the internet for all who work and learn in PWCS. Announcements and reminders will be sent to employees and parents before each planned outage. 

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