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Piney Branch Elementary ready to fly

Students from many neighborhoods around the Bristow area will attend the new school including the neighborhoods of Bridlewood, Laurianne Terrace, Independence, Virginia Oaks and Linton Crest. Some of the students and families were already wearing Piney Branch shirts with the school’s colors of red, black and gray and with a cardinal, the school’s mascot.

The school’s chorus, under the direction of Jacqueline Stem the Piney Branch Elementary music teacher, performed four songs. Their performance included two original songs about Piney Branch, another song , Rockin Cardinal set to the tune of Rockin’ Robin and This Land is Your Land.

Kirsten Fisher, the school’s new principal, opened the ceremonies. “The opportunity to participate in the opening of a new school is a dream come true for me. I have been an educator since the very early 1970s and have loved every minute of being in school. This has been the ultimate challenge and experience for me. I especially like the historical context to the old Piney Branch school from the 1880s that used to be near our school. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with all of the people involved in the project including the parents, staff, builders, construction crew, PWCS senior staff, support staff, but most of all the students who come into the building with hopes and dreams on their faces,” she said after the ceremony.

The students were excited to be greeted at the front door by a life-sized cardinal and were amazed at the beautiful mural painted in the front hall depicting the history of schools throughout the years in the county. Looking closely you will see the sense of humor of the artists as they painted in one of the student’s books from the 1880s, the words Go Redskins in tiny print.

After the ribbon cutting by students, administration, guests, families were given tours around the state of the art building. One aspect that is quite evident is the tremendous amount of natural light throughout the building, which research indicates helps children learn.

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