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Occoquan Mayor advises residents to take precautions in advance of potential hurricane

Many of you are probably following the projections regarding Hurricane Isaias’s potential path up the eastern seaboard. 

Those who have lived in Occoquan for more than a decade are likely quite familiar with how we sometimes experience hurricanes and tropical storms.  Typically, thanks to the efforts of Fairfax Water and Prince William County, tidal surges and flooding associated with the Occoquan River are often quite predictable and enable those likely to be affected to take adequate measures in advance. 

What is often completely unpredictable, however, is flash flooding associated with two of the perennial streams that flow through Town, Ballywhack Creek and Boundary Branch. 

The combination of heavy rain and debris that ends up blocking culverts or the streams themselves can sometimes result in the creeks jumping Tanyard Hill Road and Poplar Lane near the Town boundaries.  In the past floodwaters have sometimes surged down Center and and Union Street, stranding cars and carrying substantial debris.

The Prince William County Emergency Operations Center is currently predicting substantial rainfall on Sunday and Monday. 

While we are hopeful that this will not result in flooding, we are urging everyone to take relevant precautions.  In advance of storms county staff do an excellent job of clearing debris along Ballywhack Creek.  Our public safety and maintenance staff will also be on hand through the projected storm peaks to deal with whatever situations arise.

Please stay alert to potential storm-related developments.

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