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Local Mom pushes bike and skateboard park in Lake Ridge community

The Lake Ridge community is home to over 7,000 residents who enjoy playgrounds, tot lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, and swimming pools. Wendy Boone would like to add one more outdoor feature to the community - a bike and skateboard park.

For the past year, Boone has consulted the Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Department, the county supervisor’s office, websites, books, friends, and family regarding her proposal to build the bike and skateboard park. The project was inspired in memory of her son, Charlie Boone, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 22.

Charlie Boone’s mother describes him a “a proud, intelligent, and spirited young man. He absolutely loved extreme sports, from BMX bike riding, snowboarding, and skateboarding, to fixing a car without any formal knowledge of how to do it.”

Charlie graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School and went on to work as a Special Response Team Officer at Andrews International, where he is remembered as being “sincere, earnest, and loyal.”

Boone family friend Todd Fike remembers Charlie Boone fondly. “He was crazy good on a skateboard and was always showing me up, pushing me on my bike. He was always better than me at everything we did,” said Fike. “Charlie and I would stay up all night playing skate and BMX games, watching videos, and cleaning our bikes. Then we’d wake up early and get as much sun out of the day as possible,” he said.

Wendy Boone softly explained, “When a child dies, you don’t know what hit you. It took me a good year to realize how I want Charlie to be remembered. I want to emphasize the happy memories, many of which are related to his passion for skateboarding and biking.”

The Boone family has lived in the Lake Ridge community for 35 years. Wendy Boone managed publicity for the New Dominion Choraliers. She and husband Wilfred have three children, four grandchildren, and one on the way. The couple retired to their home in the Outer Banks, but make frequent trips back to Virginia.

“Lake Ridge is our community, it’s our home,” she said with a smile. “Skateboarding and biking is a healthy way for kids to spend their time and build camaraderie and happy memories. They need a place to go,” she said.

She began her efforts by researching skate park development, gathering information from a well-worn copy of Public Skate Park Development Guide, and meeting with officials from Veterans Memorial Park, which has the largest skate park in Prince William County.
“I’d like the park to be constructed on two acres of land by a reputable skate park building company. It will have an open-air feel with a roof over it to protect it from wear and tear by the elements,” explained Boone.

Boone envisions two separate areas - one for bikes and one for skateboards. There will even be a section for dirt bike jumps, if all goes as planned. “Charlie was really into those bike jumps. I’d like to have those, just for him,” she said with a gleam in her eye. “I want the young people in this community to see the park as their own, and to feel a responsibility and desire to use it and maintain it.” The park would have a “plaza-type feel” to it where people - parents especially - would feel welcome to relax and enjoy as onlookers.

Boone also called on the support of friend Jim Haugan, owner of Village Skis and Bikes, which has been open for business in Dill-ingham Square for 31 years.

“The bike and skateboard park would be a great outlet for kids to expel their boundless energy and build friendships,” said Haugan. “Sure, they might get some bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s part of growing up.”

The sports enthusiast has worked in the industry since he was 14 years old. “Over the last 30 years, I’ve noticed that people are not as active as they should be. They are caught up in electronics, which is not a good thing. People, and kids especially, need to have that physical and mental stimulation that comes from interacting with others. It’s those relationships with others that help you get through the tough times in life,” he said wisely.

Village Skis and Bikes is the place in Lake Ridge to find bikes, skateboards, skis, helmets, accessories, and much more. Haugan has welcomed those interested in bikes and skateboards to visit his shop, make friends there, grow their skillset, or even get a job. “A lot of my mission is giving young kids the support to have a job where they can learn about the growing-up stage - how to interact with people and how to serve customers,” he said.

While many young people are involved in biking and skateboarding, this is not an activity that you outgrow. “This can be a lifelong passion, a recreational activity for all ages,” said Boone.

According to research from Johns Hopkins, “over 70 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 14 ride bicycles and enjoy in-line skating and skateboarding.” While some children ride bikes and skateboard as a fun pastime, for others this is a lifelong passion. There is no space designated for people to safely practice and develop their skills within the Lake Ridge community.

At this time, Boone is researching what Lake Ridge land would be used, whether it would be leased or purchased, and where those funds would come from. “The land must be accessible to the people who want to use the park–young people and adults. It needs to be convenient for parents to drop off and pick up their children, preferably near other establishments like a shopping center,” said Boone.

She wants to clearly present every aspect of the project, to include the cost to build and maintain, rules and regulations, and the layout and design. She has the vision and the passion for this project, but now needs additional expertise and support to guide the project and bring it to fruition.

The motivated community advocate met with Supervisor Mike May to submit her proposal to the Board of County Supervisors for consideration. “Everyone is welcoming and upbeat, which makes me hopeful,” said Boone. “I’m so grateful for all the enthusiasm that people are showing toward this project,” she said meaningfully.

Right now, Boone is focusing her efforts on raising awareness and garnering support from the community. “Our petition on has 117 signatures. This project needs to be a community effort, a county-wide effort,” said Boone.

Village Skis and Bikes is partnering with Boone in her efforts to build the park. Visit its website at to learn how you can help add “bike and skateboard park” to the list of recreational activities available in Lake Ridge.

Boone is in search of those with business acumen or skate park construction experience to assist her with this project. Email lakeridge .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). To show your support for the bike and skateboard park, sign the petition at by searching for “Prince William Board of County Supervisors: Help us build a BMX Bike and Skateboard Park in the Lake Ridge Community of Woodbridge, Virginia.” You can also “like” the project’s Facebook page, titled “Lake Ridge Bike and Skateboard Park.”

Todd Fike thoughtfully observed, “Living now in California, there are skate parks everywhere. Every time I go, there is a group of kids pushing and encouraging each other to do the next best trick. That’s what Charlie did for me. When kids gain that belief in themselves that they really can do anything, the possibilities are endless.”

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