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Fun facts about your Thanksgiving meal

If you’ve ever sat down to a Thanksgiving meal and wondered where all that deliciousness came from, now you can find out.

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture breaks it down for you in a blog called “How did that get on my Thanksgiving Day plate?”. The AFBFA’s mission is to build awareness, understanding and a positive public perception of agriculture through education.

From the star of the meal—turkey—to cranberries, potatoes and pumpkin pie, the blog offers fun and educational facts about the sources of each food.

For example, pumpkins are part of the squash family. And squash was part of the Three Sisters, a combination of corn, beans and squash that were planted together by Native Americans. The stalks of the corn supported the beans; the beans added nitrogen back to the soil; and the squash spread across the ground, blocking sunlight from weeds.

Now that’s a conversation starter for the Thanksgiving dinner table!

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