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Candland secures funding for pedestrian bridge across US 15

Pete Candland, Gainesville District Supervisor, has issued the following statement: “I’m extremely proud and happy to announce that I’ve been able to secure the funding for a pedestrian bridge across Route 15 at the intersection of Graduation Drive. This much needed safety improvement will help save lives and give students and parents much more comfort in sending their children to school each day.”

“Almost 12 months ago, I vowed to get this done, and it has only been through the help of members of the community, the Dominion Valley HOA, County staff, and my colleagues that this has come to fruition. Many claimed that establishing this project and finding the funding would be impossible, but I have seen the impossible done too many times since I’ve been on the Board to give up.”

“I cannot be happier for this development and want to thank everyone for their help in getting this done. The Board of County Supervisors will vote to approve this project on Tuesday. I have spoken to each one of my colleagues, and they have agreed to support this project.”

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