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PW Chamber recognizes 187 First Responders with Valor Awards

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce hosted its 35th Annual and second time Virtual Valor Awards. This event recognizes the heroism and bravery of the men and women in uniform. The Prince William Chamber of Commerce recognized 187 first responders in this virtual event. This virtual production can still be viewed on the Prince William Chamber of Commerce Facebook or YouTube Pages.

The stories of the events that unfolded leading to their nominations were read by Jummy Olabanji, co-anchor of News4 Today. Award Recipients also received a Commemorative Booklets and Plaques to recognize their service. All services for developing this event including the creation of booklets, plaques and the production itself were done by Chamber Members and its membership. American Solutions for Business developed and printed the booklets and awards while the Prince William County Department of Economic Development pieced together the video production.

Debbie Jones, President & CEO of the Prince William Chamber stated that “2020 us a year unlike any other, a year that has challenged the courage and strength within each of us. Today we recognize the men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our community a safer place to live and work.”

Kathie Johnson, President, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center stated “Sentara Healthcare salutes all of the first responders and support teams who bravely serve Prince William County, Manassas City and Manassas Park every day. Your commitment, dedication and collaboration contribute invaluably to make Prince William a community of choice where individuals, families and businesses choose to live, work and play.”

These awards are only made possible due to the support of the Chamber’s event Sponsors. Sponsors include Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, Youth For Tomorrow, Prince William County Economic Development, John Marshall Bank, NOVEC - Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, Elite Shooting Sports, LLC, Capital Caring Health, EIDOS Technologies, LLC, The Prince William Chamber’s Quality of Life Vision Partner Zeiders Enterprises, Inc. and The Prince William Chamber’s Founding Vision Partner Dominion Energy.

The production portion of this event can be viewed here:

The online version of the Commemorative Booklet can be viewed here:

Award Recipients included:

From City of Manassas Fire and Rescue Department

1.  Silver Award for Valor

·      Lieutenant Mike Nazionale

From the City of Manassas Police Department

1.  Merit Award for Valor (x2)

·      Master Police Officer Jonathan Agule

From the City of Manassas Park Police Department

1.  Merit Award for Valor

§  Lieutenant Andrew Shumate

2.  Merit Award for Valor

§  Officer Elmer Rodriguez

3.  Merit Award for Valor

§  Officer Nathan Freeze

4.  Merit Award for Valor

§  Sergeant Amber Stevens

5.  Silver Award for Valor

§  Lieutenant Dustin Walker

From Prince William County Department Fire & Rescue

1.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Technician II Nicholas Alexander

2.  Valorous Unit Award

·      Engine 524

§ Lieutenant Todd Bell, Technician II Mark Balanda, Technician I Alexander Pion, Technician I Nathan Smith

·      Truck 524

§ Lieutenant William Carson, Technician II Shawn Bliss, Technician I Ewan Baird, Technician I William Norman

·      Medic 524

§ Lieutenant James Bourque, Technician I Brian Delalian

·      Engine 504

§ Captain Steven Brubaker, Technician II Kelly Babineaux, Technician I Seth Whitmore

·      Rescue 504

§ Lieutenant Abraham Uribe, Technician II Keith Kraus, Technician I Jordan Nail, Technician I Michael Foster, Technician I Joseph O’Dell

·      Medic 504

§ Lieutenant Christopher Lautenschlager, Technician II James Klenk, Technician I Lindsay Savat

·      Engine 525

§ Technician II Christopher Saxon, Technician II John Campbell, Technician I Michael Hendrickson, Technician I Russell Lane

·      Safety 501

§ Lieutenant Robert Keib Jr.

3.  Valorous Unit Award

·      Fire Boat 512

§ Technician II Cager Mackaravitz, Technician II Greg Klatte, Technician I Julie McGuire, Technician I Jordan Flasher

·      Engine 523

§ Captain Bryan Battenfeld, Technician II Nate Eppley, Technician I Talia Hedley, Technician I Michael Woods

·      Medic 523

§ Technician II John Mory, Technician II Stephen King

·      Public Safety Communications Center

§ TC I Abbey Bostic, TC I Exavier Febus, Karen Lackey, Amy Stancer, Andrea Watt, TCIV Sherry Halpin, TCIV Katherine McIlvoy

4.  Valorous Unit Award

·      Rescue 510

§ Lt. Christopher Clark, T-II Jeffrey Dowell, T-II David McAlister, T-I Carl Nunziata

·      Truck 520

§ Lt. Aaron Crispin, T-II Shaun Polite, T-I Damian Lyles, T-I John Peddle

·      Medic 520

§ Lt. Allen Lagrave, T-II Luis Teller

·      Engine 520

§ Captain Christopher Eddy, T-II Curtis Hooks, T-I Andrew Denner, T-I Nicolas Cicero

5.  Valorous Unit Award

·      Swift Water Boat 507B

§ Captain William Sanderson, Technician II Mike Kleitz, Technician II Justin Hartling, Technician II Nat Mathews

·      Swift Water Boat 517

§ Captain Stephanie Clark, Lieutenant Rob Ardaiolo, Technician II John Malley, Technician II Brendon Malone

·      Engine 523

§ Captain Mike Darabond, Technician II Adam Lienau, Technician I Isaac Brooks

·      Truck 523

§ Lieutenant Andrew Pagano, Technician II Jonathan Carter, Technician I John Peddle, Technician I Jeremy Lonas

·      Medic 523

§ Lieutenant Robert Dimmel, Technician II Lauren Linkos, Technician I Greg Stutzer

6.  Bronze Award for Valor

·      Technician I Lee Bergstreser

From the Prince William Police Department

1.  Investigative Merit Award to Officer Ivan L. Torres

2.  Hillary Robinette Award

·      Master Police Officer Michael LaPlant, Officer Alfonso Dorado, Officer Eric Beard, Officer Patrick Sheehan, Officer Tyler Reza, Officer Jesus Alcantara Gonzalez, Master Police Officer David Clark, Officer Abigail Martins, Master Police Officer James Conway, Public Safety Manager Dawn Locke-Trillhaase

3.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Master Police Officer Adam Higgs, Officer Sean Mushalko, Officer Justin Price, Officer Erin Noble

4.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Master Police Officer Christopher LeClair, Officer Albert Richardson, Officer Thomas Helfers

5.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Sergeant Brett Tillett, Officer Samuel Harman, Officer Thomas Helfers

6.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Sergeant Ryan D. Rowland, Officer Travis L. Hardman, Officer Nicholas A. Kelly, Officer Jordanis P. Lozier, Detective Joshua J. Myers, Officer Eliann Rivera Diaz

7.  Bronze Award for Valor

·      Detective Felipe R. Villalobos, Officer Brian E. Mundon, Officer William J. Ward

8.  Bronze Award for Valor

·      Officer Daniel C. Huntington, Officer Patrick L. Fogarty

9.  Silver Award for Valor

·      Master Police Officer Victor Cordero, Master Police Officer Barry Krohn, Master Police Officer Colleen Grantham, Sergeant Ian Oakes, First Sergeant Sarah Rolle and Detective Helga Thorsdottir

From Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center

1.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Daniel Sanchez, Terri Hollar, Jose Alvarado, Adina Gurbutwal, Warleatha Mobley

From Prince William Sheriff’s Office

1.  Bronze Award for Valor

·      Deputy Kevin Truesdale

From Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Department

1.  Merit Award for Valor

·      Juan Quintanilla

From United States Marine Corps – Quantico

1.  Bronze Award for Valor

·      Corporal Andrea Rosembert, Corporal Webster Rison and Corporal Kayde Becerra

2.  Silver Award for Valor

·      Corporal Quinn Hurt

From the Prince William Police Department, City of Manassas Police Department, and City of Manassas Park Police Department

1.  Hillary Robinette Award

·      Prince William Police Department

§ First Sergeant Daniel Crawford, Sergeant Gary Brunelle, Sergeant Donna Edelen, Master Police Officer Jeremy Booth, Master Police Officer Josh Lane, Master Police Officer Nicholas Waymire, Detective Neal Anglin, Detective Simon Chu, Detective Joshua Myers, Detective Walter O’Neal, Detective Michael Ragan, Detective Filipe Villalobos

·      City of Manassas Police Department

§ Detective Brittany Alexander, Detective Josh Aussems, Detective Patrick Crossey, Sergeant Ryan Daisey

·      City of Manassas Park Police Department

§ Detective Stephen Oxendine

From the Prince William Police Department, Fairfax County Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Town of Herndon Police department, Town of Leesburg Police Department, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service, Town of Vienna Police Department and Virginia State Police

1.  Hillary Robinette Award

·      Prince William Police Department

§ Lieutenant Michael J. Headrick, Lieutenant Matthew J. McCauley, First Sergeant Brandon N. Haas, First Sergeant Joseph G. Medawar, Sergeant Jennifer M. Gudaitis, Sergeant Caillen B. Smith, Sergeant Robert S. Surman, Master Police Officer Matthew D. Andersen, Master Police Officer Robert A. Battinelli     , Master Police Officer Nicholas J. Colella, Master Police Officer Eric A. Davis, Master Police Officer Daniel A. Downey, Master Police Officer Dennis J. Gill, Master Police Officer Michelle McAllister, Master Police Officer Garry L. Mendoza, Master Police Officer Israel F. Perla, Master Police Officer Giannina M. Pinedo, Master Police Officer Tommy Rodriquez, Master Police Officer Amon Y. Weaver, Detective Juan P. Antelo, Detective Matthew E. Cohen, Detective Darien R. Cupka, Detective Mario R. Giordani, Detective Aaron J. Lintz, Detective Daniel R. Sekely, Detective Jacob H. Tomb, Senior Public Safety Analyst Megan O’Neill

·      Fairfax County Police Department

§ Detective Jeffrey Pengelly, Second Lieutenant Andrew Wright

·      Federal Bureau of Investigation

§ Special Agent Mike Brown, Special Agent Paul Fisher, Supervisor Special Agent Peter Jurack

·      Town of Herndon Police Department

§ Detective Sean McManus

·      Town of Leesburg Police Department

§ Detective Thomas Allen

·      Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

§ Detective Jill Brock

·      U.S. Marshals Service

§ Senior Inspector Thomas O’Brien

·      Town of Vienna Police Department

§ Detective Andrew Slebonick

·      Virginia State Police

§ Special Agent Emmanuel Kwaw

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