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National Lineman Appreciation Day April 18

National Lineman Appreciation Day is April 18. The next time you see a Dominion lineman, be sure to thank him or her or simply give a “thumbs up” for all of his or her hard work keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether it’s raining, snowing or 100 degrees outside, Dominion Power says its linemen” are out there working with thousands of volts of electricity, committed to keep power flowing safely and reliably to their neighbors and communities.

At Dominion, we’re proud to call these amazing men and women our co-workers. To give you a better understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to keep our electricity flowing, here are several facts and figures about our electrical system and the linemen who harness its power for your each and every day.”

Here are some important statistics:

• 63,800 Miles of Dominion electric line in Virginia and North Carolina

• 1.1 million Dominion utility poles

• 2.54 million Dominion electric customers

• 56 months - Time it takes to gain the specialized knowledge and training needed to build and maintain electrical systems from power plants to your meter.

• 39 lbs. - Approximate weight of tools and equipment worn by linemen

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