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High school student will give PWC School Board a “student’s perspective” but no vote on issues

For the first time, Prince William County Public School students will have a representative on the School Board, beginning with the Board’s next meeting on November 29.

Hylton High School senior, Kate Arnold, will be a non-voting representative on the Board. Potomac High School’s Magin Sanchez, and Zaki Panjsheeri of Patriot High School will serve as alternates. Selection involved a Divisionwide “blind” process, in which initial applications showcased their qualifications and thoughts on the position. Finalists then submitted essays and faced personal interviews with a selection committee of PWCS staff members. The “blind” process meant applicant names and schools were not revealed to committee members until the final interview phase.

The students were selected based on leadership skills and experiences; communication skills, both written and verbal; listening and time management skills; ability to handle multiple tasks; and willingness to keep an open mind to opinions that differ from their own.

The School Board reviewed and advanced staff recommendations for the representative and alternates in closed session. They voted to formally accept the recommendations at the Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Board meeting. Selected students will serve through the end of the current school year.

The student representatives are expected to:

Follow the Prince William County School Board Code of Ethics;
Follow Robert’s Rules of Order;
Review the agenda and read materials prior to meetings of the School Board;
Solicit ideas, suggestions, and concerns of students in PWCS;
Attend public School Board meetings (not closed sessions) and participate in a non-voting capacity, representing the student voice by sharing ideas, suggestions, and concerns; and
Inform PWCS students of the reports and decisions made at open meetings of the School Board through School Board minutes.
School Board members created the representative and alternate posts to gain important new perspective on issues vital to students and the School Division. Board members are excited about the new additions.

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