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East End Mobile Home Park in Manassas sold for $1.4 million to Catholics for Housing

Catholics for Housing, a Northern Virginia nonprofit, reports that it completed the purchase of East End Mobile Home Park in Manassas today, Jan. 11.

The trailer park’s future has been up in the air for more than a year, and now the CFH purchase enables all residents of the East End Mobile Home Park to stay in their homes, according to a news release.

Now that the 60-unit park has been purchased, CFH said in a news release that it “will implement plans to resolve the significant water and sewer issues that have plagued residents for more than nine years.” 

“It’s so gratifying to have this all-important first phase completed and to be able to own and operate the park in a way that benefits this entire community,” CFH Executive Director Karen DeVito was quoted as saying in a news release. The purchase price was $1.4 million, DeVito said.

“We are thrilled that our skills, expertise, resources and commitment to preserving housing opportunities will not only keep these families in their homes, but also enhance their quality of life by creating a safe and sustainable community,” DeVito was quoted as saying.

According to the news release, “This stretch of Centreville Road near McDonald’s has been home to residents of three mobile home parks for years.  The original owners sold two of the parks but held onto East End, which was kept in the family and managed by an agent for the last 10 years.:

The CFH news release said that the park is home to approximately 300 adults and children, and that DeVito has met many residents who have lived in the Park for 20 years or more.

Since it first became apparent that the acquisition of East End Mobile Home Park by CFH would save the homes for so many and would also be a viable business opportunity, CFH has developed a vision for East End and has worked with the residents, financial partners, advocates and the staff and elected officials of the City of Manassas. “It has truly taken a village to sustain the housing opportunities at East End,” DeVito was quoted as saying.

According to the news release, Catholics for Housing organization provides a continuum of housing, providing direct service programs to limited income households as well as workforce rental and homeownership opportunities and a comprehensive life skills program that helps people identify and reach their goals.  The Board of Directors of CFH represents a diverse group of people who provide expertise in business, development, architecture, financial services and the real estate industry.

DeVito, who has more than 27 years’ experience in creating and managing housing opportunities, has trained the CFH staff members who have been working for several months to begin the management of the park. DeVito herself said she has met individually with all but two residents to review and execute their lease agreements, which provide a five-year lease term with a sustained rental rate.

“It has been a real pleasure to share the CFH vision for East End with the residents and to hear their stories of living at the park,” she was quoted as saying.  DeVito said she and her staff have worked with each resident to address each one’s unique situations and to assure each resident that CFH will manage the property in a way that creates a safe community, with respect for each resident.

This has been an important first step to creating a successful partnership between residents and CFH staff, and designed to result in a safe, well maintained and sustainable community, according to DeVito.

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