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Delegate Hugo’s bills on I-66 tolls in No. Virginia pass Transportation Committee

Delegate Hugo’s HB1256, HB1284, HB1291 passed the House Transportation Committee. All three bills deal with tolling inside the beltway (ITB) on I-66 that was recently implemented by the outgoing McAuliffe administration.

“Northern Virginians are not human ATMs for the former administration’s plan for I-66,” Delegate Hugo was quoted as saying in a news release.. “Our constituents are rightfully outraged. The contract that was negotiated by the former governor, is just a bad deal for Northern Virginians who use I-66 to get to and from work. My bills revert HOV hours, continue Virginia’s recognition of clean special fuel license plates, and ensures that Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun residents aren’t treated differently than Arlington, DC, or Maryland motorists.”

HB1256 reverts the hours of tolling inside the beltway to what they were on Dece. 1, 2017. The conversion of I-66 ITB extended HOV/tolling by three hours daily. This bill also adds tolling in the opposite direction to rush hour traffic on I-66.  This ensures that Arlington, DC, and Maryland motorists commuting to Tysons Corner in the morning and back in the evening pay their fair share (which will help reduce toll prices for Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William motorists).  The revenues from the reverse tolls will go to the Commuter Choice Program, which helps reduce congestion by encouraging carpooling.

HB1284 returns the exemption for single occupant vehicles that was taken away for vehicles bearing the “Clean Special Fuel” license plate. This exemption currently has a sunset in 2020.

HB1291 directs the Secretary of Transportation to renegotiate the agreement governing transportation facilities on Interstate 66 outside the beltway in an effort to coordinate tolling inside and outside the Capital Beltway once the tolling facilities outside the Capital Beltway are established.

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