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Crash course in mushroom cultivation for the home gardener on June 16

Master Gardeners of Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties are offering a free presentation, “Crash Course in Mushroom Cultivation for the Home Gardener” on Thursday, June 16th at 6 p.mon Zoom.

Sammie Alexander of John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District will share her knowledge and passion for cultivating edible mushrooms.

Alexander will cover the basic requirements for mushroom production, including the ways in which you can control these factors in an at home growing environment. We will discuss various approaches to at home mushroom production, and the materials needed for each method. This program will wrap up with a brief discussion of more advanced growing techniques and the ways in which you can incorporate these home-grown mushrooms into your everyday life.

Sammie Alexander is a Conservation Specialist with the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District (JMSWCD) and enjoys spending her free time hiking and running on trails looking for mushrooms and other organisms to add to her iNaturalist observations. Although Sammie graduated from George Mason University (GMU) in 2020 with a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy focused on aquatic ecology, she considers herself a generalist when it comes to her interests in nature. Before coming to JMSWCD, Sammie worked as a research assistant in a coastal ecology lab for the University of Central Florida, as well as the fisheries ecology lab at GMU, and a summer camp counselor locally at the Clifton Institute.

The mushroom class will begin at 6 p.m.and last a little more than an hour. The class will be held on Zoom. There is no fee. Please follow the registration link below to receive the unique Zoom link for this training.


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