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Aurora demonstrates fully autonomous helicopter UH-1H at Marine Corps Base Quantico

Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company, located at Manassas Regional Airport, reports that it conducted a successful demonstration of its autonomous helicopter system developed under the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System (AACUS) program at Quantico Marine Corps Base Urban Training Center today, Dec. 13.

Known as AACUS-Enabled UH-1H (AEH-1), the helicopter flew multiple flights over very rough terrain to showcase its ability to autonomously execute re-supply missions in relevant and austere settings.

According to Ashley Gudzak, spokesman for Aurora, “AACUS is an aircraft-agnostic hardware and software suite which enables a Marine on the ground to request a supply delivery via helicopter from a handheld tablet, requiring no advanced training to operate the system. AEH-1 is fitted with onboard lidar and camera sensors that enable it to detect and avoid obstacles and evaluate the landing zone. The system processes this information to perform onboard mission, route, and path planning to enable autonomous mission execution.”

She added that today’s flights were the first demonstrations in which the aircraft performed cargo and utility missions in an operationally-relevant training environment with Marine interaction. As part of the demonstration, Marines loaded supplies for the aircraft before clearing the autonomy system for autonomous takeoff.

AACUS Program Manager Stephen Chisarik was quoted in the news release as saying, “Aurora’s system enables any rotary-wing aircraft to detect and react to hazards in the flight path, and make appropriate adjustments to keep the aircraft safe.”

Today’s flights were the final demonstration to representatives of Office of Naval Research and Department of Defense and other senior officials, the culmination of a highly successful five-year Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) program.  AACUS will now transition to the Marine Corps for experimentation and potential acquisition.

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