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Emergency Medical Services marks 49th year with EMS Week May 21-27

National Emergency Medical Services Week,, May 21st – 27th, will celebrate its 49th annual EMS Week in honor and recognition of dedicated front-line heroes who provide day-to-day life-saving medical services in safeguarding the health, safety, and well-being of our communities.

The 2023 theme, “Where Emergency Care Begins,” is a reminder to the public that quality emergency care, provided by Emergency Medical Services professionals, dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who experience sudden illness or injury. Daily themes, created throughout EMS Week, were designed to involve the community during its annual campaign:

• Sunday, May 21: Health, Wellness and Resilience Day
• Monday, May 22: EMS Education Day
• Tuesday, May23: Safety Day
• Wednesday, May 24: EMS for Children Day
• Thursday, May 25: Save-A-Life Day (CPR & National Stop the Bleed Day)
• Friday, May 26: EMS Recognition Day

According to NAEMT,  EMS responds to 42.6 million calls and treats and transports 30.9 million patients nationwide each year. Members of emergency medical services teams, career and volunteer, engage in thousands of hours of specialized training and continuing education to enhance their lifesaving skills. T

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) indicates Virginians, like residents across the country, rely on EMS to respond to the call for help providing quality emergency services. Over the years, EMS has grown filling a gap by providing important out of hospital care, including preventative medicine, follow-up care, and access to telemedicine. For the 18 months of October 2018 through March 2020, Virginia EMS personnel responded to 1,564,080 EMS calls while treating, and transporting 1,082,830 patients, according to 2020 National Emergency Medical Services Assessment,

During EMS Week, Virginia will recognize its 38,019 EMS providers and 580 agencies for their dedication and commitment to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the EMS system, and the life-saving efforts they provide daily. ( The emergency medical services system consists of first responders, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers, firefighters, police officers, educators, administrators, pre-hospital nurses, emergency nurses, emergency physicians, trained members of the public, and other out of hospital medical care providers.

In 2022, the Prince William County Fire and Rescue System of career and volunteer personnel responded to 45,507 EMS incidents requiring Advanced and Basic Life Support.

Chief Thomas LaBelle stated in a news release, “Every EMS call significantly impacts an individual’s life, making a difference in his or her life. While administering care, learned through years of education and training, EMS professionals are creating new relationships as well as building upon older relationships that have required our services and care throughout the years. “Where Emergency Care Begins,” emphasizes from the moment our first responders arrive on scene, they assess and respond accordingly to provide the best and immediate care for our patients, residents and visitors of Prince William County.”

EMS Week recognizes, the honorable men and women, in emergency medical services, dedicated to delivering superb medical care to our communities nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take an opportunity, during EMS Week and throughout the year, to recognize the men and women comprised of the Prince William EMS community and the communities nationwide and say thanks to all those who have devoted extensively to this profession and our communities.

For more information go to National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Virgi,nia Department of Health Ameri,can College of
Emergency Physicians, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Prince William County Fire and Rescue System says it will sponsor various activities during EMS Week but did not provide particulars.

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